Foo Fighters’ Studio 666 Brings the Gore and the Music

Dave Grohl is largely considered to be the nicest guy in rock n roll. That’s why, when he announced that his Foo Fighters were recording a horror movie, many fans just shrugged their shoulders and thought “Sure, why not?” After all, Grohl has been pretty open about the fact that the band recorded their 10th studio album, Medicine at Midnight, in a mansion in Encino, California that was haunted. That’s the basis for the band’s horror movie/extended music video/fever dream/tribute to classic horror movies,  Studio 666. 

In the film, the band is encouraged by their manager Shill (Jeff Garlin) to record their 10th album in a mansion in Encino with some deep music history. In the 90s, a band named Dream Widow was recording their album at the home and strange circumstances befell the group. All of them ended up dead – murdered by a mysterious force. When the Foos get to the mansion, Grohl immediately feels that the vibe is off, but decides to use that when he finds his creativity tested. The only songs he’s coming up with for the new album are ones he’s already written and recorded. He comes across the unfinished recording of Dream Widow and goes into a manic state, eventually convincing himself that it was his idea, not the late band’s, and it is his mission to finish the song they started. 

As the film moves through its brisk one hour and 46 minute playing time, Grohl, the rest of the Foos, and their hot but mysterious and possibly unhinged neighbour (Whitney Cummings) fall victim to the curse of the house. Along the way (no spoilers here), scenes reminiscent of classic horror films including Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Amityville Horror, American Werewolf in London, and Silence of the Lambs, play out. There’s even a brief reference to Michael Jackson’s Thriller video and to Los Angeles’ infamous Los Feliz murder house

The film delivers up plenty of gore, but it is so over the top fake looking it isn’t upsetting to the viewer – even when the food delivery guy (Will Forte) literally loses his head. In the end, Dave Grohl faces his demons and banishes them … or did he? The final scene hints at something sinister afoot… 

Alongside the Foo Fighters, Garlin, Cummings, and Forte, Studio 666 also stars Jenna Ortega and Leslie Grossman. Additionally, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters also plan to release the Dream Widow metal album before Studio 666’s official release date. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Foo Fighters’ frontman said, “I work fast, but… this deadline is going to kill me Yes, I’ll get it out for the movie. By February 25th, there will be a Dream Widow record.”

Studio 666 is getting a limited release in theatres in the United States on February 25. Information on when the film will be available internationally and/or to stream is not yet available. 

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