Movie Review: Love Wrecked

By Amy Lamare, March 24, 2007

Lovewrecked is what it is: A girly tween movie. And don’t we all always know how those movies turn out? And isn’t that the beauty of them? Whether you are 8 or 12 or 16 or 35, you know the goofy heroine will be recognized for the beauty she is and will have a happy ending. Lovewrecked is no different in this regard. What does set this film apart from the pack is star Amanda Bynes (ABYNE).

Bynes is not like other young actresses her age. We have none of the Lindsay Lohan (LLOHA) drama. None of the Hilary Duff (HDUFF) diva behavior. Bynes seems to handle herself with class and grace, much like Mandy Moore (MMOOR). She doesn’t go in for the slutty clothes or slutty behavior. She isn’t afraid to take roles that deemphasize her beauty, or, as in the case of She’s the Man, gender. She isn’t afraid to appear genuine and vulnerable and goofy on camera without a trace of irony. LiLo and Duff’s performances rely more on the irony and snark. Bynes relies on her talent.

Lovewrecked casts Bynes as Jenny Taylor, recent high school grad spending her summer working at a Caribbean resort with her best friend Ryan. This being the land of girly tween chick flicks, Ryan is secretly in love with her. Flick opens on Jenny and Ryan at a Jason Masters (The OC’s Chris Carmack) concert and Jenny going crazy for Jason as only young (and not so young) women can when in the same arena as the rock star they’ve chosen to idolize. Ryan is less than impressed both by Jason and by Jenny’s exuberance for him. Jenny decides to crowd surf her way down to the stage in an attempt to be noticed by Jason, but her nemesis Alexis, played by The Sopranos’ Jamie Lyn DiScala, beats her to the punch.

Flash forward a week and a scene stealing cameo by Fred Willard (FWILL) as Jenny’s nudist father, and our trio of 18 year olds are on a tropical island working at a resort for the summer. Jenny is a lifeguard, Alexis is the head lifeguard. Ryan is a floater and his trek through the dregs of the resort’s jobs provide some of the films funnier moments. Alfonso Ribiero of Fresh Prince of Bel Air fame plays the teens’ boss.

Lo and behold, Jason Masters is on a layover on the island and staying at the same resort as Jenny, Ryan and Alexis. Jenny has a brief encounter of clumsiness in his presence and he calls her beautiful. She is convinced if he only got to know her, he’d love her. Jason’s entourage, played by Lance Bass and Kathy Griffin, do a good job of sending up the whole concept of entourages.

Jenny finagles her way onto a nighttime booze cruise that Jason and his entourage are on. As the song goes “the weather started getting rough…” Jason gets sea sick, falls overboard, Jenny dives in after him and voila-our rock star and star struck teen are floating on the Caribbean sea on a raft. Morning comes and the two spot land. Thinking they are marooned on an uninhabited island, Jason starts freaking out. Jenny thinks its “so cool that they get to hang out alone like this.” He breaks his ankle and Jenny must go in search of food. This is when she discovers that they are not marooned at all; they are a mere stone’s throw from the resort.

In true romantic comedy style, our heroine chooses to keep this information from her rock star. She’s gonna make him love her if it’s the last thing she does. Now with Bynes at the helm of this plan, we’re assured a sweet and innocent style kidnapping. But once Jamie-Lynn DiScala and her fake accent show up playing a damsel in distress, well, then the claws come out.

Look, not much about this film is unpredictable. But it is sweet and engaging and enjoyable. Lovewrecked was directed by Randal Kleiser of Grease and Blue Lagoon fame, and you can definitely see the influence of both of those movies here.

Available now on DVD, Lovewrecked is sure to delight the tween, teen or adult woman in your life. In fact, we have another HSX giveaway. I’m going to make it easy this time-the first two emails to that include the correct names of Amanda Bynes’ siblings will win a Lovewrecked DVD of their own. Please be sure to send your mailing address with your entry.

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